Adult Book Club Meeting

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You Gotta Sin
To Get Saved
by J.D. Mason

EB_EVENT_DATE: 01-20-2015 7:00 pm

Adult Book Club Reading: Walk A straight Line by Michelle Lindo-Rice

EB_EVENT_DATE: 03-03-2015 7:00 pm

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My steps are Ordered

By Michelle Lindo- Rice


What happens when your husband finds out you're in love with his brother?
Team Keith? Team Michael? How about Team God?

       Gina Ward has it all: a husband, a child, and all the finer things life have to offer. She doesn't see herself as one of the less fortunate who needs God. But, what happens when her only son, Trey, falls ill? Will she rely on the only one who holds the world in His hands?

       Keith Ward is a respected minister, but he cannot shake his inappropriate feelings for his brother's wife. When his nephew falls ill, Keith knows he has to drop everything to be by her side. Will he finally find healing for his broken heart?

       Michael Ward is living the dream life, but life as he knows it changes drastically when his son falls ill. Everything he thought to be truth will be brought into question. What will he do when he realizes he is living one big lie?
EB_EVENT_DATE: 04-28-2015 7:00 pm