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Meeting Room Policy

Who may use the room?

The Meeting Room may be used by:

  • Library or library sponsored organizations
  • Established Irvington organizations
  • Other organizations serving Irvington residents or with Irvington resident membership
  • Other non-profit organizations
  • Individuals
  • Commercial or Non-profit organizations

[All people wishing to use the Meeting Room must submit an application with the Library Director. The Director reserves the right to approve, deny, and/or apply a fee (as scheduled) to any application.]

The priority is Library first, then on a first come, first served basis.

For what purpose?

The meeting may be civic, cultural, educational, and/or recreational.

Prohibitions to the room may include:

  • No fees, solicitation or admission charges
  • No intention to impede peace or harmony
  • No sale of goods or services
  • No politically partisan activities

Authorization to use the library shall not constitute and endorsement or approval of the activity.

For what audience?

All meetings must be open to the public, but meetings do not need to have been advertised to the public.

The Library staff, Board of Trustees, and/or Director may attend or visit the meeting.

Attendance is restricted to the number permitted by Fire Department regulations.

No group/organization using the meeting room will prohibit access or participation on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or handicapped status.

When and how often can the room be used?

Meetings can be held only during the Library hours except as arranged in advance with the Director. The room cannot be used on a regular basis for weekly or monthly meetings and more than once a month at the Director's discretion only.

Who will publicize the meeting?

The meeting sponsor is responsible for all publicity.

It should be clear on any publicity that the Library is the site, not the sponsor, unless, of course, the Library is the co-sponsor.

The name and address of the Library may not be used as the address of organizations holding meetings.

Are refreshments provided?

The meeting sponsor provides all refreshments, paper products, serving utensils, coffee pots, etc.

The sponsor is also responsible for clean up.

What prohibitions are there to room use?

Prohibitions include:

  • Smoking
  • Serving alcohol
  • Illegal activities
  • Eating in the History Room
  • Use of Library:
    • Telephones
    • Fax machines
    • Copiers
    • AV Equipment (unless the Director approves in advance)
    • Kitchen or equipment
  • Changes in room arrangement, signs, etc.

The application signer will be responsible for damages.

What is the application process?

All entities that wish to use the library must seek to schedule the event at least two weeks in advance with the library staff and conform to the policies and fee regulations set by the library.
The authorized representative of the meeting sponsor will sign a copy of this policy and a copy of the application.

What liability does the Library have for loss, damage, or injury?

The Board of Trustees assumes no liability or responsibility for loss of property, or for injury or damage to the person or property of those attending the meeting, function, or activity, or damage to the person or property of the sponsor, its officers, agents, employees, contractors, guests, invitees, and such release and exemption from liability shall extend to the Library, its Trustees, directors, executive officers, and employees.

The Library carries insurance to cover its own legal liability. It is suggested that the individual and/or organization using the meeting room cover liability with proper insurance.

Use of the Library does not indicate Library support or endorsement of the event, the activity, or the sponsoring organization.
Are there exceptions to these rules and guidelines?

Library-sponsored programs may be exempt from these regulations, except as required by law.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees – December 10, 1992
Amended by the Library Board of Trustees – May 16, 1996

Updated and Approved by the Board of Trustees  September 2013